Kristin has 15+ years experience in all aspects of digital marketing and traditional marketing. Her emphasis has been direct response marketing which provides the ability to track marketing results in real time. She has helped develop tracking systems in Salesforce and other larger systems and also worked with proprietary platforms.

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Direct Response Marketing - Track the effectiveness of your marketing

Kristin has developed comprehensive marketing platforms for various companies using both "Out of the box" and proprietary CRM databases. She has also developed easy to use, manual tracking spreadsheets for clients that are not utilizing a CRM. Set up time with her to talk about a solution that is right for you.

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Online Marketing - PPC, SEO, Social, Programmatic, Email, Blogs, etc.

Kristin has built new online programs from scratch and built them to multi-million programs over time. She understands the constraints of small, starter budgets and can help put together a  long-term growth plan. Big budgets are also in her wheel house. If you need an interim media specialist or help with strategic testing set-up and analysis, Kristin has the expertise to help you out.

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Offline Marketing - TV, Radio, Solo & Shared Mail, etc.

Call Kristin to find out how she can help you determine what media is right for your company, source the right partners to get your program launched and help you devise ways to track your results.