Guiding Young Managers to Become Great Leaders

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Congratulations! You are a what?

We seem to do this all the time, we promote great workers to managers and let them fend for themselves when it comes to learning how to lead people. We have all the best excuses, not enough time being at the top of the list. But let's face it, trial by fire is how most of us learned, therefore, most supervisors don't have an action plan for how to teach the finer points on how to be a leader, we just "do" it.

Kristin's no-nonsense approach is at the core of her training classes. It's blunt conversation about expectations set against her first experience climbing a mountain. Have you ever dug a Kat Hole?


All of the courses below can be given from the new manager perspective or from a train the trainer perspective depending on the group.

One Hour Speaking Engagement  - You're a Manager, Now Fly!

  • This was not in the brochure! - The things they didn't tell you were part of being a manager

    • Sometimes You Have to Throw your Backpack - What to do when you don't know what to do

    • Digging Kat Holes - Performance appraisals and disciplinary talks

  • You've Got This! - How to conquer the everyday obstacles

    • Belay Up! - Communication as a cornerstone for everyday life on the mountain

    • Wildlife Can Be Scary - How to work closely with your peers in other departments

    • It's OK to Follow - You can't know everything

  • The Journey is the Fun Part

    • Enjoy the Journey without Tripping Over Yourself - Boss versus Coach

    • Pictures on Top of the Mountain - Celebrating your successes


Half Day Training - You've Got This

Kristin's one hour workshop is expanded to offer discussion and group activities including:

  • It's how you phrase it - How to get help from your peers

  • What's in it for you, what's in it for me - Sharing goals and realities

  • The circle of Life - How to pick the right person for the project


Full Day Training - Leading with Purpose

Your team will enjoy this intense and fun workshop that will help them understand that people are wired differently. Each student will take Strength Finders 2.0 to learn their five core talents. Discussions will follow delving into how to work with people that have different ways to navigate the world. This course includes the training from "You've Got This"


Custom Training - Curriculum is determined using existing modules and customized to your organizations development needs.

Some organizations have specific needs that may take more time. Kristin is available for one on one mentoring with new managers and has been successful working with seasoned managers that have specific hurdles to overcome or improve. Kristin's strengths curriculum include helping with communicating up, peer-to-peer communication and managing cross-functional teams.

Kristin has promoted and developed numerous managers and has taught them how to navigate being great leaders. Her accomplished proteges have moved on to running their own agencies and other businesses, guiding the development of multi-million dollar advertising programs with multiple agency partners, managing multiple accounts, owning their own restaurant and many more.