Get Marketing, Sales and Operations Moving in the Same Direction

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Marketing Team: Marketing is developing great programs and sales and operations aren't getting on board. They track them all wrong making it impossible to trust even one variable.

Sales Team: Marketing creates programs that don't make sense for our business. Can we just want to get out there and sell? The goals don't match what we are trying to accomplish.

Operations Team: The programs that are shoved down our throats are too complicated and quite frankly are too cumbersome to implement. 

Its the longest running feud in corporate America - which team is more important, who has the best ideas and which team should take the lead.

Kristin has developed an easy to follow strategy that maps out how to align these teams whether operations, sales or marketing is taking the lead on a project. There are four levels of learning that can help your individual departments develop into a team when it matters most.


One Hour Speaking Engagement  - Can't We All Just Get Along

  • How and why marketing, operations and sales can happily coexist
    • Exploring the roles of each team
  • Debunking the stereo types and moving on
    • Marketing does not get our world
    • Sales is out for themselves
    • Operations can't implement
  • Who's on First
    • In a perfect world the answer is YES - we all are!


Half Day Training - Get Marketing, Sales and Operations Working Together

All topics from Kristin's one hour workshop will be expanded and additional topics added to round out a plan for how to work together and improve culture.

  • It's how you phrase it
    • Getting teams to communicate
  • What's in it for you, what's in it for me
    • Sharing goals and realities in the three worlds
  • The circle of life in corporate America
    • How projects evolve into a continuum of change and balance


Full Day Training - Watch the Magic Happen

Your team will enjoy this intense and fun workshop that will have them singing the praises of their team members. They will walk away with a plan on how to launch a specific project determined beforehand.


Custom Training - Curriculum is determined using existing modules and customized to your organizations development needs.

Some projects take longer to launch and need more follow up. Kristin will work as a project lead and follow your team through their journey to launch a new program as a cohesive unit.