Let’s talk about how we can help your young adult find a career they love and a college major (or other path) that sets them up for success. When we work with your student they will walk away with the tools they need to determine a career, make course corrections as they learn and know when to ask for help. Whether they work with a coach one on one or in a group they will walk away with the following:

“Find Your Purpose Formula”

  • Module One - Get to Know You

    • Here we take a deep dive to learn everything about your student, most importantly we look for those moments that we see the “Shine in Their Eyes”. Have you seen this, that moment they light up, the activities that make them lose track of time, the things that they would do even if they were not getting paid? This is where dreams are made and careers come to life… we know how to find that Shine!

  • Module Two - Free to Be You

    • What is holding your student back? What is keeping them from defining their future? Teens are not afraid of making decisions, they are afraid of making the wrong decisions. We explore core values, limiting beliefs and more to help them navigate through these worries, weed out the stuff that is not right for them and on a path to bigger and better things.

  • Module Three - Be the Best You

    • This is our (and our clients) favorite part of the program! Let’s take a journey to find your child’s natural talents. We all know what our kids are good at, right? Now let’s put words around their Strengths and celebrate them. We use the CliftonStrengths assessment to Name, Claim and Aim their Strengths. Why is this so important? When we use our Strengths it actually energizes us, so we need to know how to use them in our personal and work life every day.

    • Plus - we include a family Strengths session! This is where we explore why each family member is different and how to best use each other’s talents.

  • Module Four - Confident You

    • From expert interviews, Strengths based scripts and adulting hacks, we take your student from confused to confident when conquering the task of finding their path to a career they can LOVE!

  • Module Five - You’ve Got This

    • The final step of this process is determining a path whether it is a traditional four-year college experience or jumping right into a career. At the end, we will work with you and your student to finalize their next best move.

    • We also arm you with checklists and tools to help make your students college experience a success.

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find a major and a career that fits your style

What do you want to do when you grow up?  We can help your student determine a college major and a career by focusing on what makes them unique.

Why not do something you love? We can guide your student to do something they are passionate about and gets them excited about what’s next!

I've Graduated.....now what?

You have a degree. Yay! Now what? Are you struggling to find the right job & nothing seems to fit? We can help you find the right career that will get you excited about getting up and going to work every day. You don't have to be stuck in a corporate box.

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No College? No problem!

Are you wanting to forgo college and jump right into the world of work? Awesome, let’s talk! There are huge opportunities out there right out of high school. Get a jump start on your career, we can help you decide a great fit for you based on your interests.


Kristin is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach who has a passion mentoring young adults to find a career path they love.